Bacchus and Ariadne. Characters and symbols in the picture by Titian

It’s not so easy to enjoy a picture with a mythological plot. At first, it is important to understand its characters and symbols. Of course, everyone has heard who is Ariadne and who is Bacchus. But perhaps, we have forgotten why they met. And who are all the other characters in the Titian’s picture. Therefore, […]

The Young Pope: 9 paintings from the series deciphered

The Young Pope series by Paolo Sorrentino is one of the most incredible TV movies ever filmed. It is a masterpiece. It combines the beauty, and the deep message, and the creator’s mastery. The main character Pope Pius XIII (born Lenny Belardo) is an extremely controversial person. He smokes like a chimney. Drinks Diet Coke. […]

“The Savior of the World” (Salvator Mundi) by Leonardo da Vinci. 5 curious details of the painting

In late 2017, the art society was shocked twice. A work by none other than Leonardo da Vinci* was offered for sale. And this may happen only once in 1000 years. Moreover, it was sold for almost half a billion dollars! This is likely to never happen again. But for many people this news outshined […]

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