The Shepherds of Arcadia. Poussin’s most mysterious painting

The painting by Nicolas Poussin (1594-1665) “The shepherds of Arcadia” is unlikely to attract your attention in the Louvre as it is. Unless you adore Poussin. However, if you know the painting’s plot, it becomes almost the most interesting one among all the paintings in the world. So, what do we see in the picture? As judged by the name, we see three shepherds and a lady, […]

10 incredible works by brave Banksy

“The worst crimes are committed not by those who break the rules. But by those who follow them eagerly”. – Banksy No one really knows who he is. Maybe he doesn’t even exist. Some people suggest that several influential artists are hidden under the Banksy name. Banksy (presumably born in 1973) gives his own comments […]

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