Feedback from the “Arts Diary Course” participants

Leslie Wyatt (Texas, USA)

Hi, Oksana.  I have enjoyed reading the two-week art course.  I appreciate your insights and the ways you were able to distinguish one artistic era from others.  I also have looked through other materials you have posted on your website and I found these to be insightful and interesting to follow.
Thank you for providing these materials for all to share.  You are a good teacher and art observer.

Anna Lemberg (Germany)

Many thanks to Oksana for this exciting, fulfilling course.

Thanks to condensation of information and rich content, dynamics and right prioritizing, finelanguage and deep knowledge I felt really curious when completing all the lessons in the same breath. Thumbs up, Oksana.

Nigel Hubbard

Dear Oksana,
I would like to say thank you for an entertaining and illuminating series of articles on art . I have thoroughly enjoyed it.

Ekaterina Sheetova (Russia)

Good day, Oksana! Thank you for this informative course on art, you present material in a very clear and vivid way, in succinct and accurate selections.
I liked both the selection of topics and the presentation of the information, and frankly speaking,for your mailing as another box of secrets that is very interesting to solve and send an answer). Thank you very much for your work!

Larisa Sirikova (Russia)

OKSANA, THANK YOU for this wonderful journey!
Your work, taste, style! For the opportunity to learn deeper by following the links.
UNcommon approach, non-trivial choice! After your lessons, I wanted to view it, to feel it once again! Thank You!

Ekaterina Abrossimova (Russia)

Oksana, it’s amazing, thank you very much for your talent and ability to convey and reveal the ideas expressed in art.
There is something to think about. Unforgettably interesting!

Larisa Taub (Israel)
Thank you very much for the course. I enjoyed it very much. You’re doing great.
Clear, smart, concise. Perfect presentation of the information.
Thank you very much again.

Natalia Krasnova (Russia)

Dear Oksana! Thank you very much for your lessons! Very interesting, I read and can’t get enough!
I thought I knew painting pretty well, but your lessons showed me that I have only touched itssecrets a little.
The presentation is perfect, and the sense of humor is excellent!
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