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Hello! I’m Oksana Kopenkina, art analyst and founder of the Russian-language site “Arts Diary” with a traffic of 2500 people per day. And just an experienced lover of painting :).

I am the author of 165 unique articles on painting from antiquity to the present. I have already translated some of them and posted them here on the Arts Diary & Pad website.

My blog is not a gallery of reproductions or an encyclopedia. This is a search for answers to the questions “Why is this a masterpiece?” And “Why is this artist a genius?”

My goal is to shorten your path to the picture, to understanding all its features and encrypted messages.

At the same time, I want to make this path fascinating. Therefore, I write my articles in a simple language, so that no piling up of terms will prevent you from communicating with artists through their paintings.

Enjoy your immersion in the world of art!

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